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“I was at a point in my life where I was searching, because I knew deep in my heart there had to be something more to life. I had explored various different options, but still felt I hadn’t ‘found the answer’.


Let me simply say, I have now stopped searching! I received emotional and physical healing and now feel complete. My whole life has changed and the people around me, that know me, are seeing a new me - the real me!


I have complete peace and happiness in my day to day life, which amazes me as I never ever believed that that was possible in today’s world.”

- L, Brighton -

“I didn't even realise how much healing was available to me by attending one of these meetings. I was affected by abuse in my past and I received so much freedom and peace.  It was an incredible release, I can't explain it but I feel totally healed and made whole”

- Gail, Worthing -

I went along to a meeting with no expectations.  I found myself weeping over past hurts and regrets.  To my amazement, I experienced the most incredible calm and peacefulness.  It was like liquid love being poured over me. It was definitely life-changing!”

- Anon, Worthing -

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